It’s so interesting to be alive right now. Like most people I swing between ever widening polarities of love and fear. It’s invigorating to really start to see solid evidence that we are heading for a shift of consciousness.
We keep hearing that we are at a point of economic collapse; I personally believe that things are much worse than we are being lead to believe. But what do I mean by worse? I’m really looking from a perspective of good and bad based on the social structure that we have become used to, a structure that has resulted in a global unhappiness. I am excited to see what is possible when we start to value people over an unsustainable progression that leaves too many people suffering. I am however scared, because people are struggling through this change. It’s hard to let go of everything you believed in. Fear is a part of it, its right to fear, but it’s choosing love in the face of fear that counts. There is such a big clearing happening, you have to know its ok to let it go.

I have been delighted to see so many positive comments on facebook. Amazed to see all the happenings on Wall Street and surprised that we haven’t seen much about it in the UK news. People are rising up and staying ‘NO’ when in Britain it used be hard to get anyone to vote. We are starting to care for our old people after years of dropping them like trash because they didn’t have value in a commercial based society. I could list so many great things I am witnessing, but what I will stay, is we are finally waking up to what really matters: Love, pure and simple love. Now there can’t really be anything to fear in that can there J