Addiction is a huge problem that holds humanity back, not only the individual from finance freedom or to lead a healthy life, we are also held back from our spiritual evolution.
As people it is possible for us to become addicted to anything that makes us feel better. This could be from a basic sugar rush or buying something new, right the way through to drugs and alcohol. We can even become addicted to our spiritual beliefs, making us believe that we are having a better and more righteous life than others.

We unknowingly fall in and out of addictions throughout our life time.

The cause of this ‘need’ for addiction comes from the different experiences of our day-today lives.

Take a simple walk through any tube station in London and you will have instructions barked at us over the tannoy system: ‘Mind the gap’. ‘Do not leave your bags unattended at this time of heightened security…’

None of us really like being told what to do. You then see faces of your fellow commuters, but never the eyes, some with there nose deep into a free paper giving them more things to worry about, more instructions.

Then from the corner of your eye you catch a smiling face, she’s holding a bottle of perfume, she has perfect hair and perfect make up; another poster letting you know that the way to happiness is what you own and not who you are, even the music that we listen to speaks of it ‘I can’t live, if living is without you.’

The television will all tell you how to lead a perfect life and bring down anyone in the media for even having a patch of cellulite.

All this drives us into the masculine energy, meaning the masculine – feminine energies becomes out of balance.

Masculine and feminine or male and female energy has little to do with being a man or a woman.

The masculine energy is in line with the logic of the left brain. It brings a vibration linked with ‘Doing, fixing, sorting and achieving’. The feminine energy brings a vibration of ‘passive, stillness, reserving and being’.

When we feel like we are lacking in our life we turn to the masculine energy, we feel there is something that needs to be fixed. Something out side of ourselves,

Addiction, finds itself in the masculine energy. If we feel that we are not enough, we look for something to make us feel better.

The ego also resonates better with that masculine energy. It is the ego that creates our fear. This is nothing new, if you weren’t good enough in cave man times you would be kicked out of the tribe, probably meaning death. The ego allows us to put ourselves first, so we make sure we are safe for food and shelter. We fear not being good enough, now today as we always did, though now we fear not having the material assistance we are offered day in day out.

When you break your fear, you break your addictions.

Drug addicts are often very sensitive people who can see the world for what it is. They’ve fallen down a gap between reality and our common perception of it, unsurprisingly not feeling they fit in with the world. The drugs they are attracted to will also represent the imbalance in there own masculine and famine energy.

Looking at Illegal drugs we see drugs are linked to be ‘uppers’ which make you feel high, happy and able or ‘downers’ which make you feel numb or distant.

Hash, heroin, Ketomin, Valium are downer drugs, but also famine energy (passive, stillness, reserving and being)

Coke, ecstasy, speed, crack are upper drugs but also masculine energy

(Doing, fixing, sorting and achieving)

Rebalancing the energy lacking or finding other ways to bring the energy in can really help fight addiction.

A friend of mine smocked hash everyday because he didn’t like himself when he was aggressive or male dominate. He took it as it brought out his famine side which he much preferred. He was an artist and he felt that the creative energy of the right female side of the brain was helping him.

When breaking addiction you must understand that you are ‘not your thoughts’. You are the thinker of your thoughts. Many people feel that they are linked to there addiction because they can hardly think of anything else but the things they crave most. The thinker has the ability to control those thoughts.

The other part of us is the ‘awareness’. You might know of times in your life where you have been depressed, or panicked. There is a part of you that is aware that you are panicking or depressed. The awareness isn’t panicking. The awareness is not depressed. A good practice is to log in with that aspect. This is what people who study meditation try to be, in this level of awareness. Once you have found it, you can’t loose the awareness. Just knowing it is there, and it is always still and calm, brings a serenity to even the hardest situations.

The awareness is never addicted.

The key to an addiction free life, is to balance your male and female energy, have a tamed ego, and try to face all fear head on, so fear never becomes the theme by which you resonate. Always allow the light vibration of love be the guiding force.