Power of Love EditorialFINAL (2)
I’m a terribly curious person. I have watched in fascination at how the phone hacking case is unfolding. I am hoping that it is a welcome kick up the bum to those who believe that you can do what ever you like in the name of making money. It’s sad that the people we give our power to: journalists, the police, and the government have all let us down. Perhaps what is rising is power to the people and as I always say, trust your intuition over what you are told. I bet Boris Johnson is wishing he had done just that.

I believe we are witnessing a massive shift in the ways we have been doing business up to this point. Not just in the UK, but a global shift of prospective. Its a very exciting time for those of us who can ride the waves of change, and rather scary for those who feel the need to hold on to old values.

Last week I had dinner with some wonderful men who are looking to change the world of business. One of them was Roger Steare known as ‘The Corporate Philosopher’. http://www.ethicability.org and http://www.rogersteare.com/

Roger is writing a book “The Power of Love in BUSINESS. How to get your humanity to work”. For the book he is looking for story’s of when business has put love before profit. If you have any tales to share please click the link above which will show you more information and contact details for Roger. Much of the profit from the book is going to charity. I think its a wonderful project.

As consumers we have more power than we realise, maybe right now we are about to start to see it in action. Bx