Have you ever found it difficult to move on knowing that you have unfinished business or things left unsaid? When relationships sour, it’s often difficult to forget the past even if we know there must be something better out there.
Carrying emotional baggage is a real chore when we know we haven’t been completely honest or genuine. In order to really let go, we have to undo this dynamic by accepting ourselves and the truth of the situation. We need to understand the lesson, be grateful for the experience, and forgive ourselves for not being true to ourselves.

Take a moment to write down a list of all the ex-partners from whom you still haven’t fully moved on. As you look at each name, think about who youwere in the relationship, rather than what they did to you. With the benefit of retrospect, you might find they were reacting to someone you created because you were too busy trying to please them instead of being your own person.

Looking for acceptance from others when we don’t fully love and accept ourselves results in over compensation. Like a chameleon, we try to blend in when the best thing we can do is talk from our heart.

Speaking from the heart enables us to take responsibility for our actions, break free of the past and move on. When we get real, miscommunication is less likely and we form fulfilling relationships based on mutual understanding, honesty and respect. Bx

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