I love birthdays, I love New Year too because I enjoy hitting a point in the year that gives me an excuses to indulge in personal reflection.
The past year has all been about walking my talk when it comes to following intuition. After reading Eckhart Tolle’s ‘A New Earth’ I became the ‘joiner of dots’ putting together many spiritual ideas. So the voice in the head is the ego, the ego is trying to protect the physical body. Therefore the ego is only going to give us limited inspirational ideas, often caked in fear.  I also knew that we have an awareness self (thanks to Gangaj). We have to be still to hear it, but we are aware of whom we are, what we are doing, but the awareness has no words. I believe that the awareness works without intuitive knowing. There are two forms of intuition, one works with the ego and makes intuitive decisions that are limited and the other works with the awareness or ‘love’ part of ourselves.

The loving intuition has no words; it’s just an inner knowing that cannot be put into a concept. It is this form of intuition I have been living through for over the past two years. It took me to go and living in San Francisco, which is where I was for my birthday last year. In fact I was sitting in a bar at the top of the Marriott hotel that has a ‘batman’ like view over the city. The bar is dark, only lit by candles. It was hear I knew it was time to leave San Francisco and head to New York, as part of the journey back to the UK.

Having intuitive decisions to change your life for an exciting adventure in a foreign country is easy. That might of course just be for me, I have a very strong survivor sub-personality archetype who just loves flying through the air on life’s trapeze. However following intuition and knowing when to land is harder. This year has been about knowing when to land, when to let go and simply be with what is. We often listen for intuitive inspiration for change and direction, but it speaks to us too about rest, stillness and connecting back to self.

We seem to be programmed to grow and keep growing, but there must also be refection to see what direction we are growing in. So maybe you’re like me and only like to reflect on if you’re directed by love or fear on your birthday and at New Year. But I invite you to take a moment and check in and note your driving force. It’s great if every day it is love in your heart that guides you. The great thing is on a day we make many decisions; we can always shift and act from an intuitive loving curiosity or… not.

So for my birthday I would like to take a moment to thank you. The people who read this blog or post a birthday wish on my facebook wall. If I could give you any gift for my birthday, it would be this, to see your home town with the same curiosity and wonder as the eyes of a traveller. When we do this, the signs and intuitive knowing pop up all over the place. Just as they do when you’re a stranger in a strange land, there truly is no place like home.