As a teenager I lived in Somerset, right on the Glastonbury new age doorstep. Quite perfect for my interest in all things spiritual, well as a teenager it was more boys, friends and spirituality was somewhat at the bottom of the list.
Yet I felt Glastonbury was a little more into the new age movement than I was, so giving my first talk in Glastonbury this week I was excited to see how my ideas would fit in. I was delighted to find, they fit in very nicely!

At the talk I was asked if I thought that modern technology was getting in the way of intuition. I felt that the whole audience was counting on me to give a ‘yes’ answer, this could be the breaking point where I lose my audience.  My answer was no, technology is the stabilisers on the bike whilst we develop a profound level of intuition. Except however when it comes to sat nav’s, I love mine, but I still miss the days when I would get to the end of a road and just use a sense of direction and intuition to decide left or right.

What I love most about the impact of technology is the immediacy of everything. Even TV editing has become quicker. We move much faster from one thing to the next. We can take snippets of information in like never before. You might think that this is taking us away from the practice of mindfulness and awareness of being fully present in the moment. Yet most of these functions of information gathering is done in the left hemisphere of the mind. Whist it is so busy with all of this data, the right hemisphere, which is the receiver of intuitive knowing, is left free to wander. From seemingly out of nowhere a download happens. A picture of a friend comes into our mind. Then in the bottom right hand corner of the computer screen a pop up IM (instant message) and there they are, the very same friend that popped into your mind, pops up in real time just after you thought of them.

Often this is put down to a coincidence, just like the phone that rings when you have been thinking of that person. We are starting to find these oddities happening more and more. Over time it becomes part of our awareness, that we are all linked in more ways than we know. I believe that these incidences growing in number and ways in which they occur, takes us closer into allowing intuitive knowing of the collective consciousness.

It is my hope we are developing towards a time when we have such profound knowing, we only use conversation for artistic effect. That we become so aware of the feelings of others that we simply know (Grok) so deeply that no conversations needs to be passed through the ego of language construction.

In the past few weeks having met many new people from the ever growing ‘spiritually curious’ meet-up group in Bristol, I have become increasingly aware how important deep understanding is in our lives. How lonely and difficult life can be without it. How simple ways in which we support each other has a transformational effect. I have been very honoured to be a part of some of those transformational conversations. Yet it was the space in between the words where the healing is found. The group would not have come together if it wasn’t for the internet. In these times of fast paced living, it would also be too difficult to have time to run if it wasn’t for the meet-up set up.

Technology is part of our awakening, but it is still up to us to use it as a tool to bring more love into the world.