I found out last night that another person close to me has cancer. The C words seems to be all around my conversations at the moment, even when I turn on the radio – inescapable. For all my teaching about love over fear, what do you do with something that triggers such a massive change of life? So last night I danced. I danced whilst my joints cracked, my muscles swelled and my hair stuck to wet lips. I danced until I could feel the energy of source running though my body and pouring out through my hands, feet and heart. That life force in great abundance being sent through me to them, then it expanded, to all the people in Japan and all the suffering across the world. Ok Irene Cara http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILWSp0m9G2U Gabriel Roth http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sx6XBiE8NAM I get it.
I had been so up-set and unbalanced by the pictures from Japan that when I arrived last week at Temple meads station changing trains to come to Paddington, I heard and announcement for ‘Rebecca Walsh’ to go to platform 3. Thinking it couldn’t be me, I kept walking to the London train, only to realise I was missing my bag, No idea, head in another country’s woe’s. I’m not often disconnected from being practical in life or from my connection to feeling ‘source’, ‘life force’ ‘God’ or whatever you want to call that power, that energy. I see that energy intuitively in the eyes of my clients. But it is much harder to feel it in me. Some people ‘link in’ through meditation. But for me when the pain is great or the ego is at play the connection needs to be through my body.
So I danced and I felt like I was doing something. Of course it doesn’t go away; I wake up at 5.30am and have to write a blog! Yet at times like this in life, our intuitive knowing of God, is so important. Simply because we can’t control, or change what is happening to others. I can’t cool down a nuclear reactor; I can however send love to those people who took that job, the people who are risking their own lives. Being connected to the abundance of loving energy, which is the best description I can give you for God, is the only thing that I feel gives me to ability surrender the fear. Not only the fear but the energy to feel that healing is possible, tangible and already in motion. I am not talking about the rescue from death, there is no death, but healing in the most profound ways.
We all have our own unique ways to connect with love, mine last night was dance and this morning blogging, later it will be giving my very best to my clients and writing more on my next book. As you enter into the day, how can you be more loving or present in the moment? My suggestion would be a nice cup of tea. The world right now needs your love and so do you and I need to go back to sleep for now!