I was reminded again this week how important intuition is in our daily lives. I was reminded whilst a car cut across the lane I was driving in without looking, giving me no other option but to skid on the wet road into the side of it. I’d like to say ‘I knew that was going to happen’, but intuition doesn’t work like that. It doesn’t say ‘caution! Potential accident approaching’ it isn’t even satnav, but it sometimes acts like it. About five mins before the crash I felt a pull to take a road to the left I haven’t tried before. It looks like it could be a short cut home, but I’m not sure where it would take me as I am still new to the area. With my fingers over the left indicator ready to make the turn, the voice in my head cuts in and reminds me how I dislike being lost ‘you won’t know where you’re going, you’ll be late’.  Yet my body leaned into the idea of the turn, my emotions were delighted by the idea of it, yet fear over took the decision. The caution of the ego mind became the winner. You might wonder why I didn’t feel a sense of intuitive dread about the road ahead if my intuition was trying to tell me something. I think I can’t hear my sense of intuitive dread anymore, it feels saturated with the doom and gloom news presented by the media, in fact I think I have turned off my sensitivity to bad news. I am much more likely to connect to feelings of pleasure, which is why my intuition works on happiness and not dread. But the ego mind has an amazing ability to cut in with its logic and kick whatever intuitive knowledge you had into the dust. It’s unusual for it to get me, but I haven’t owed a car in over 10 years, so I am more susceptible to making logical fear ridden decisions in the search for ‘getting it right’. I am however lucky, not just because the smash wasn’t bad, but because this really is a small and welcome reminder. I have heard some tales where not following one’s own inner knowing has lead to some very serious changes in life, one tale of a person allowing a Doctor to make a decision for them, when there intuition side no. Tragically it took a life away. Our intuitive knowing is the greatest power we have, its’ beyond education, logic or scientific data. My heart hurt to this story. But I have heard many such tales, people marrying the wrong person, or leading money out, not crossing the street from the oncoming mugger.
Life is difficult and I hate to say it there is lost people out there who are without an inner spiritual guidance to help them though an understanding of their pain. They can lash out; being a master of the movements of energy in life means we can dance around hazardous situations when we are awake to the intuitive sign posts, and not just drive on down the road mindlessly.

Put your intuition in the driving seat of your life.