Both of my grandmothers where religious people, one was a Jehovah witness and the other a Catholic. My junior schools were also religious, with hymns and prayers in the morning. My older brother revolted and studied Paganism which he and I would talk endlessly about.
What I learnt from all of this was that I understood the feeling of love and I could associate that with ‘God’. But I couldn’t feel the presence of the Devil.

It’s a conversation I have had many times over the years, for me it boils down to metaphors for the human conduction we are all a part of, if we are awake to it or not. It’s the flight between the human ego and our quest for oneness or divine love.

I have been on youtube (again) listening to the things people are saying about the shift of consciousness. It’s being described as 2012. People are talking about new vibrations coming to the Earth, and not to fear as we are opening up into ‘heaven on Earth’. It’s not dissimilar to what religion has been talking about with a second coming. I like to keep things simple, for me it’s about a choice of who gets your soul (Cue evil laugh). Do you choose fear (ego, Devil) or do you choice love (oneness, God). Of course we all have to choose this together or at least enough people to cause a tipping point in consciousness.

I have talked about the details of this idea in other blogs. The purpose of this blog is something that I am observing. Religion told me that the closer you get to God the more the Devil desires your soul. From listening to spiritual teachers it seems that those who have overcome a large part of their ego, if not all of it, had to almost ‘go to hell and back’ in their life to get there. If the Devil is a metaphor for human ego, then it really does seem that the closer to the ‘light’ you become, the darker it’s opposite polarity gets. What is interesting in what I am observing is that it is often presented to you by other people. It seems the more spiritual, mindful, compassionate or loving you become, the more people try and trigger you to close your heart. You would think the opposite would be true and that an open heart inspires open hearted responses. Like does attract like, and the more open hearted you become the more you do attract people of the same vibe. However the ego always pays more attention to the darkness.

If you are ‘of love’ you hold up a mirror to people, who are struggling with love. They may have unresolved issues in their past. They may have fallen by the same triggers they present you with.  It’s not you they dislike you. In a sense ‘you’ the real you doesn’t exist in their consciousness, what you represent to them is a system of something that doesn’t work in their life. Something they perhaps wish did work, they may have tried really hard to make it work.  If it works for you, or even if you are still on the path of opening your heart, you become a threat. Light penetrates darkness and even if you might not know it at the time, if you can keep an open heart in the face of adversity you might just help them more than you know. However we can get hurt, hopefully a superficial wound to the ego, nothing that will close your heart. We are more fragile than we wish to be or even believe we are. My ego would like to recommend to you side stepping these people, in fact ‘run to the hills’ and meditated there for your enlightenment. But the day you come back down to life, they will be there for you. When we face darkness in whatever form, our own darkness or the darkness of others, and we keep bringing ourselves back to a place of love, over and over again, we choose God in the flight between good and evil. That way you can save your soul from hell, perhaps Jon Paul Sartre was right ‘hell is other people’.