Halloween is upon us again, so you better have a bag of sweets at the door ready for the children dressed as ghosts and ghouls. Otherwise you will be cleaning an ectoplasm-like substance off the front door, in the form of congealed flour!
Halloween originated in Ireland; it is the pagan Celtic New Year.

Halloween is now connected largely with the occult and is seen as one of the best times of the year for the spirit world can make contact with the physical world, when energy is most potent. This is because this date is liminal space. Liminal space is the time of dusk or dawn, an in-between time. A meeting between two extremes, this is the case with the two worlds of the physical and the world of spirit at Halloween. More spirits are sceanced by mediums like myself on this date than at any other point in the year.

This liminal space isn’t the only reason for this increased like with the spirit world, as the nights get darker earlier and the darkness becomes blacker in pitch, an interesting phenomena occurs. The earth’s atmosphere is constantly hit by strong solar wind from the sun during the day. At night, when the atmosphere’s membrane is sheltered from the sun, it expands much further into space and has much less resistance. This is why radio stations have a stronger signal at night; you can tune into stations much further away. This also means it is much easier for energy based forms, such as spirits and ghosts, to manifest. The best time is between 10.00pm and 3.00am in any night not just Halloween.

This is this why people don’t see ghosts during the day; it’s not that they are just coming out to frighten us at night in the dark!

So what is the difference between a ghost and a spirit? When do the dead turn from being our loving grandmother into being a terrifying nightmare?

Everything that exists when looked at closely enough is actually different forms of energy in vibration. This is what modern science tells us. Nothing is solid, it is only our perception that makes it so. We live in a dimension that makes everything look and feel solid; however, there are other dimensions which are not solid. The dimension of the spirit world is like a vibration of light; this is why people who have near death experiences describe themselves as going into a light.

So, a spirit is an energy being who has changed their vibrational frequency to a higher range. A ghost hasn’t changed its frequency, and therefore can be trapped on this earthly physical dimension.

There are other explanations for ghost sightings. Energy reply being one.

As energy cannot be created or destroyed, the trapped residual energy becomes stored into a wall or anything made of matter. When the vibrational energy being replied is light, people may see what they think is a ghost. When it is a sound vibration, people may think they hear a ghost. It’s very rare that a spirit  is grounded on the earth plane.

Take Halloween as an opportunity to give thanks to your ancestors. It took thousands of people in the past getting together to make it possible for you to be born, so a little thanks is never waisted…even on the dead!

Halloween has always been seen to bring forward spirits that are dark forces; it’s time to leave that myth to Hollywood and use this liminal period for spiritual progress. As the vibration of the planet is changing, one day every day will be like Halloween and we will have communication through telepathy with our guides and departed loved ones.