Everything evolves; new thinking takes over from what we once understood to be true. Throughout history we have thought we knew all there was to know, only to understand that the world is round after all.
In some areas of understanding is hard to know if we are evolving or reconnecting to knowledge that we had in fact forgotten. Intuition is one such subject. The intuitive knowing that opens us up to collective consciousness, love and oneness is a school of thought that I don’t know anyone who is teaching a part from me. This would allow me to excitedly believe that I am a pioneer and a revolutionary in a new way of viewing intuition. My ego of course loves this idea! Yet the more I use intuition to connect to the collective consciousness and to love the more I feel the presence of our ancestors. When watching the blue people with the long tails connect with the Earth, the animals and plants in the film Avatar I was almost jumping out of my seat yelling ‘That’s just what I have been experiencing’ of course this had nothing to do with the 3D animation (although that did make me jump out of my seat too)!

In cultures which have lived with the land rather than on it, have had this connection going back over time. We in more western cultures even believe it to be a special power or are sceptical of its existence. Yet many people in big business rely of intuition. I am noticing more and more people talking about the power of their own inner knowing and of the benefits they have reaped in their own life by using it.

So why is it so hard for people to trust their intuition? It’s because there are two forms of intuitive knowing.

The first and most common comes from the ego. We can read another person’s ego, by using our own intuitive ego. What this feels like is a connection with a person’s perceptions of fear an pain. It is only the ego self that feel fear and pain. By ‘reading’ this side of a person with your own fear and pain (ego) for the person, you can only buy into that perception harder, even with the use of intuition. The same goes for your own intuition in regards to your own life and the fear behind the choices you are making for yourself. The life decisions will be made by the lesser of the two evils rather than the expansion of possibility from an open heart.

Intuitive knowing from the place of yourself that is love consciousness, brings you to a place of deep understanding of another person. From the beginnings of their perception over time, to how to help them heal in a sustainable lasting way. Often problems are a symptom of a deeper issue. Dealing with the symptoms means those problems will only come up again in the form of more symptoms. You have to deal with the inner issue. Intuitive consciousness is a powerful way to be able to get in touch with that deeper issue. This is all I do with clients now. It also helps you become unblocked in your own life. Once we have a deeper awareness of our triggers and where they come from, we have a better chance of not being triggered by them in our life. What this results in, is the freedom to life by your heart and feel safe doing so.

I am not saying that you will never have another issue, but they won’t last as long.

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