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Positive thinking doesn’t work for you. Still moaning about the same old crap?

You know that in order to manifest the life you desire, you need to experience the feelings that you would feel living that life. 

You also know that ‘thoughts that fire together wire together’, so positive thinking creates mental health and mental wealth. 

You’ve read the books, watched the films on YouTube and you know the logic.

So why can it be so frekin hard?! 

It’s time to raise our emotions and our vibrations out of those twisty dark thoughts and unravel them into the light. 

The ‘Sunday Positive Spin’ – How it works:

Every week, you send me a one-paragraph email or a recording via WhatsApp about whatever emotion you want to shift or whatever is bugging you that week. 

Rant if you want to rant, vent if you want to vent, be sad if you’re sad. I can handle it!

Every Sunday you will be sent a recorded visualisation/meditation full of humour, you can listen to in bed to set the week off fresh and in a positive start. 

This is a powerful group experience so you won’t be alone creating a ‘shift of consciousness’ for humanity. Which means if you have nothing to rant about one week, you still get the recording with all the positive vibes.

Every week, one person will have a direct reply as well as the recording.

This meditation is a manifestation tool and you’ll start to see shifts in your life.

It’s time to stop people with big hearts playing so small and I know our thoughts are one of the things that hold us back.

Only £8.00 every Sunday. You have the recording to keep for life.

Paid Monthly £32.00 by direct debit

To join email becky@beckywalsh.com