The comedy that will change your life!

Becky Walsh is a one-woman radical reinvention of personal development.

Daring to disrupt the normal view of how we see coaching or therapy. Becky’s hilarious stand-up show is never the same twice. You laugh, learn and reflect on some powerful lessons in personal and societal change.

Becky explains – Talking therapies have an important place, but sometimes you just need to see things differently to be able to create a life-changing shift. Making people laugh has been something I have done in my personal development training for twenty years. It allows people to look at difficult subjects without self-blame. 

It works on our inner voices. Most of us have what’s known as archetypes or sub-personalities. In psychology, the famous ones are the inner child, the critic, the saboteur or the protectionist to name a few. The part of us that has ‘fears’ comes from those sub-personalities that often developed in childhood. These are also known as protectors as they protect our vulnerabilities and needs not met. However, within the protection, they can also hold us back from living a greater life and getting the thing that we want. It’s like following the advice of your inner five-year-old your whole life. By poking fun, not at the individual but at the human condition, you dare to disrupt the pattern of habit and that jolt can launch a perspective shift’. 

Whilst a comedy show won’t deal with some of the more serious states of mental health and well-being. It could give an opportunity to give useful insights to people who wouldn’t be comfortable on a therapy couch. 

The first part of the show is pure stand-up focused on human psychology. In the second part, with statements from the audience, Becky uses ‘reverse psychology and humour’ to provoke change bringing an intuitive improv comedy to the show. 

Becky’s stand-up show has been performed in London’s West End, Bristol, in San Francisco and Greenwich Village New York. NOW on Clubhouse in the ‘Stand-up intuitive’ club.

The show’s on Clubhouse Monday 7.30pm BST Join the stand-up intuitive club

“Becky is a natural improv comic, her joie-de-vivre is contagious. A quick witted show, at a fast pace.” Chris Hawkins BBC 6 Music

Chris Hawkins

Chris Hawkins