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A Parish, Town, or Community Council strategy should be aspirational, but it can be inspirational too.

When a team and a town understand the values of the council we can make powerful collaborations.

The Council strategy is key to this, it needs to be a developing living document. In addition it needs to have feelings, in the form of values.

Finding out what people care about and how those values can become pillars that pin the strategy together, build teamwork plans and form the council’s unique brand.

A strategy isn’t a document that sits on a shelf gathering dust whilst you get on with other things. It is the backbone of the organisation that focuses all projects and staff’s way of thinking, creating the council’s voice in every conversation. Pulling councillors and officers together as one and who knows, maybe the whole town can have a mission to get behind.

In this webinar, Becky will provide you with information and ideas to help you write your own council strategy.

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