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We are bombarded by online information, so how do you make your ‘call to action’ community engagement message, heard in all the noise and matter to those it reaches?

Key Points:

  • The three reasons why people will interact with you: In truth, no one cares until there’s a reason to care. These magic three tips work on radio phone-ins and work in the community.
  • Crafting Compelling Content: Mastering the art of storytelling and the use of the audience’s voice to capture hearts and minds.
  • Case studies: Weston Tree and Planting Group
  • Diversity and inclusion: The kinds of mistakes we don’t realise we make and why it’s councils which are ‘hard to reach’. 

In the digital age, effective online communication is the linchpin of community engagement. Let’s explore how you can use the internet to not only connect but also inspire and mobilise your community towards a brighter future.

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