I work with organisations that want their teams to have better communications. In order to have an understanding of human psychology and how it affects the workplace.

As a speaker, I offer in-person, online and highbred talks and training. Having been a TV and Radio presenter my delivery is humourous and keeps the audience fully engaged.

Subjects include:

  • Emotional resilience

  • Dealing with challenging people and situations (focus on psychopathic and Narcissistic personality disorder)

  • The psychology of diversity and equality 

  • Thinking fast: Using your intuition and emotional intelligence

  • Understanding the darkness (Depression and anxiety) 

  • Dealing with sexism in the workplace

  • Marketing, branding and communications in the public sector

  • Dynamic public speaking

For a breakdown of what to expect from a webinar please download this brochure.

Teaching monthly webinars for the SLCC

Teaching monthly webinars for the SLCC

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I offer a series of multimedia online courses you can do in your own time.

Subjects include:

  • Get clear on your book idea

  • The one BIG calling – Know your mission and do it

  • Emotional resilience

  • Setting up your private practice

  • Free course -The Listening series which show’s you how to use your intuition.

Comment: Becky’s course is so accessible and immersive. I just could not tear myself away from it. I like the empowerment the course has afforded me, and believe that there is a book in me which can change peoples lives. Becky shares with you in the most accessible language, drawing upon her years of experience and education from working with people and following her intuition. I cannot recommend it enough. Christine Tanner

Becky has an in knack of encouraging her pupils to TRUST in themselves, and their ability to make change, which ultimately leads to a path of least resistance for those who have fear of change!!
Sarah – Past student

Becky is warm and funny, but doesn’t mince her words, so you can be sure that you will get accuracy, and a wealth of knowledge, all wrapped up in love and humour!
Liz – Past student