Thrive Network

Build your wellbeing business membership programme.

Get expert help and advice, whilst getting support from a friendly community of welling business start-ups and on going growing businesses. Learning what you need to know to grow with expert tips to allow your business to thrive.

What’s included?

Private small supportive facebook group.

Training units and resources.

Weekly online network hour mastermind session. With catch-up film recording. 

Monthly interactive expert sessions. The film recording will be kept for future review.

Expert session will be Live Zoom Q&A in subjects such as: 

  • Getting clients

  • Get clear on: mission, strategies and target audience

  • What’s on fire: Money, Recognition, Trust, Product Creation, what to do first!

  • How to build faith and recognition in your industry

  • Fast selling product creation

  • Passive income products to earn money in your sleep

  • Social media platform building

  • Newsletters and all that blog funky stuff

  • How to write copy

  • Practical DIY lessons (create Facebook page etc)

  • Help networking contacts in the industry

  • Brand building

  • Mission statements

  • Conquer your blocks with some easy tools

  • Get clear on indecision

  • Sparkly marketing tools

  • Help with the hard tech stuff

More subjects will be covered based on the questions posted. A recording will be made of the sessions to reply in your own time if you can’t make the live broadcast. 

Start-up price of only £36 for 6 weeks. Works out at £6 a week. After 6 weeks the price will be £48 a month for ongoing membership including all of the above. We won’t be able to cover all of the above in the six weeks, but you’ll be able to ask questions and get support on those subjects and more.

The six weeks are starting Monday 20th July. Email to sign-up. 

My job is to save you time, money, effort and heartache by using my knowledge and years of experience, connections and genius ideas to get you where you want to go quicker and more safely than going alone.

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Becky provided me with the clarity, understanding and direction that I needed in order to move forward with my business.
Ismene Cole – Counselling & Personal Development

Ismene Cole

Ismene Cole