A breakthrough session is a one-off – hour and a half long appointment to get you really clear on your life.

Your ‘mental wealth’ is important, as your ideas are your future!

Sometimes we feel like we are just not getting anywhere, life is slow, we can be locked into a pattern or just need to get a clear focus.

We will action plan your external life although some of your internal thoughts and feelings will come into it. We are not talking about why it hasn’t been done, we are making it happen. A breakthrough session is just that, it’s a clear direction through any obstacles getting in your way, even if that obstacle just happens to be you!

Appointments are recorded so you don’t have to make notes. In one session you take away information to use in the following months and weeks.

Some nuts and bolts benefits are:

  • Ways to sustain your power and overcome fear

  • Sitting with an intuitive entrepreneurial mind focused on you

  • Networking connections: I meet lots of people and I’m great at marrying them up

  • Clear ideas to take home on a current plan

  • Start a project, business or enterprise from scratch

  • Understand your passion, skills and uniqueness

  • Get very clear on the end result


The appointment is tailored to you – there is no coaching formula, just hard work. You will leave the appointment feeling like your brain has been fried! However, the buzz will last for a long time to come – as will the results.

To book please email becky@beckywalsh.com or call 07769220833.