During the US election campaign, a lot of misinformation was posted on the internet and propagated on social media. Much of this was click baiting, if you clicked onto it to see what it was about the site would get revenue from advertising. The big problem with the propagation (sharing) of lies is the emotional fear created that goes along with it. Plus, the added problem of reaching a state of what psychologists call ‘ambivalence’, or what I would call ‘losing the will to live’. Which is a funny old saying, until you think about those words in a mental health context. 

I’ll say this until I’m blue in the face, and I even wrote a book with the same title, ‘YOU DO KNOW’. Not in a future prediction ‘I saw Donald Trump coming’ kind of way. But you CAN read people and situations, and even BS blog posts, with your intuition. YOU can discern, in a world that tries to manipulate you with fear, what you need to stand up for and what you can let pass by. 

Now, more than ever, you need to know that you can trust yourself. Because the world’s a scary place only when YOU don’t know how to navigate trust. YOUR intuition will tell you correctly, who to open your heart to and who is too far up their own brain cells to be worth your time. OK, rant face out xx