When I went to drama school I was given some advice from a third year student: ‘leave with the paintwork up your fingers nails – you get so much from being here’.

It was great advice and I have applied it to everything I’ve done. I ask questions, I befriend the people I admire, I look for advantages from what I’m doing outside what I’m doing and I have always tried to connect myself with brands I love.

I have always valued experiences over money.

Having an inexhaustible curiosity has meant that in every job I’ve ever had I’ve been promoted, because I wanted to know everything there was to know, which meant my skill set grew. I was also willing in invest my own time to grow my skills.

Marie Forleo, the business coaching pioneer says ‘Do everything as if you were the best in the world at it’. That means if you’re working behind a bar whilst you grow the thing you want to be doing, be fully present doing it.

 Just be the best you can be.

 I believe how you do one thing is how you do everything. So when someone does something half arsed, they are likely to do everything like that.

I’m ranting on about this because I’ve noticed that we live in a time when people put in effort based on return. Powerlessly complaining about what they are not being given. They don’t seem to realise that the more you give the more you get in return. The person who is curious and wants to learn is the person who gets the opportunities.

The more you put into life the more you get out of it. You also generate your own energy and vibrancy more strongly than complaining and moaning to anyone who will feed you by listening.

Live every area of your life dragging so much out of it that when you leave your life, you’ll die with the paintwork up your finger nails.