If you have ever watched the TV show ‘Sherlock’, you will have heard of a ‘mind palace’. It’s a place in your mind where you can put patterns together and create big ideas. 

We all have a mind palace but it is in fact the questions we ask ourselves that gives us access to it. 

There is one repeating question that has bugged my life: ‘How can we make the world a better place?’

It feels like a responsibility that haunts my every move; from picking up plastic litter in the street to buying fair trade coffee. I have a desire for personal and global improvement. 

If you have this same desire coursing through your veins then I’m sure you have wondered ‘What is my calling in life? Am I living a life to the best of my potential?’ 

The answer can only be found in the right questions. So here are three to set you off:

1 – What are you doing when you like yourself the most? 

This isn’t want do you enjoy, but what makes you fundamentally LIKE yourself? I enjoy eating cake, but cake doesn’t make me like myself. I hate the gym, but once I have been, I like myself for having gone. So these are more points of personal pride than what makes you happy. External things that makes us happy don’t tend to last. But the things that make us like who we are, have fed us and given us substance in a way that creates long lasting personal fulfillment. 

2 – What don’t you like about the world?

Unlikely to be mushrooms or trees, so what don’t you like about people? It’s ok you can be honest. Flip your answer on it’s head and look at how this might be a call for love, if it was a call for love, what might be your answer to it?

3 – What do your friends thank you for?

What use are you to the people in your life? What compliments do they give you? We really learn who we are and our natural talents when we start to see ourselves in someone else’s eyes.

So this is the tip of your potential iceberg. If you want some clarity on some of your answers or would like to dig deeper with some fundamental questions, please join me on my free webinar: ‘The one BIG calling – Know your mission and do it’ – Free webinar With me – Becky Walsh Tuesday, 8 September 2015, at 07:00pm. 

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