I’ve always been fascinated with ‘the human condition’ so it’s no wonder that I became a Hay House author and now spend my day’s solving other peoples problems! I love meeting people and who better to meet than the practitioners and experts who also share my fascination with people like you, than other Hay House authors!

Now I know their work is amazing. I am talking people who have been seen in films such as ‘The Secret’ ‘What the Bleep do we know’ and voices I have heard on ‘Hay House Radio’. Many of which I have interviewed for my show on LBC 97.3 and also my show on Hay House Radio. In those circumstances, they are talking about their books or their work. All very interesting facts that can help you in your life.

But if you’re like me, you want to know who they really are. What drives them? What do they fear? Because behind the gleaming white teeth of a perceived answered life ‘sitting on the Oprah sofa’ is a real person, who also went through some real life stuff to get where they are today.

I made a little additional film. Interviewed apart, but edited together :) I really liked what Dr David Hamilton say’s about this at the end of this film:

I interviewed fifteen authors for Psychologies magazine and asked such questions as:

What makes you feel rich in spirit – alive and vibrant?

Are you at your creative best working in chaos or a clear space?

How do you move through fear?

What is the one truth that, when you heard it, blew your socks off?

What are your tips for happiness?

What have been some of your limiting beliefs and how did you get over them?

and many more…

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But you know, it’s not when the camera or the mic is off that you really get to see a person.

Dr Joe Dispenza revealed to the invites and crazy situations he has found himself in since being on ‘What the bleep do we know?’ He now seems to be everyones favourite dinner party guest even though it’s about 10 years since the film was made. And yet it seems the impact is still very much affecting his career. It must be tough to keep talking about something as if its fresh when it took place years ago.

This got me thinking about my own mind and how fast it can grow through new information. The human condition IS to grow. When we write information down, it’s for someone to learn from to allow their own ideas to flourish in order to take it to the next level. This is how we evolve, which is why religion can be such a pain in the ass! Books and teachings from the Bible have to stay the same no matter what new information we learn. But inevitably this leads to all sorts of problems as it goes directly against natural human urge to evolve! I know in my own life that I still get fan mail for books I have long out grown. This almost makes me feel guilty, but I can see that reading my earlier work gives the reader the information they need to get to the next level and read my next book.

Michael Neill is so wonderfully open about his recovery from depression. He talked about phoning the Samaritans when his wife got pregnant, the guy on the end of the phone says ‘congratulations’! Right so you’d call the Samaritans is you were feeling good about this! It seems to me that Michael uses his whole life and himself as a walking metaphor for learning. I admire that. I think what makes it possible is he has solid tangible boundaries with his incredible openness. Quite a tightrope to walk, it’s a tightrope I have seen Robert Holden dance on. During his talk he got all the Hay House authors up on stage to dace with him. Sandy Newbigging was quite reluctant to shake his booty and tried hiding behind me, not smart as I’m 5’2”.

Mike Dooley on and off camera he just tells himself like he is. He was a lot of fun and said some really cool stuff. I thought he could just manifest a rabbit out of the back of the sofa with his contagious enthusiasm.

So that’s a bit of my ‘insights’ and back stage gossip for you. You can see the all of the films as I post them and a few that are up already by  signing in www.beckywalsh/insights.

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