In a recent interview (to watch it see the clip below the blog) Russell Brand said whilst watching the news he ‘intuitively’ knows what to believe and what not to believe.
Something I have been shouting from the roof tops and have talked about in my book ‘You Do Know – Learning to act on intuition instantly’. I just sent Russell a copy.

Syria is a complicated situation and as Russell says in the interview, you don’t know what to believe but you know what not to believe.

Intuition knows without words, you can feel something is wrong about what you are being told right to your very core. The problem we have with intuitive knowing is you can’t express what you know in factual evidence. We live in a world where it’s a greater taboo to call someone a liar than to be one.  However you can be in control of your choices when you understand the whole of a situation intuitively then when you understand the parts.

When you’re reading newspapers or watching the news, it makes no difference what the ‘factual’ evidence is most of which can be manipulated. It’s using your intuition as a discernment tool, by doing so you will know what to believe and what not to believe. What you are endorsing though your use of spending, voting, what you rise up in support of and what you rise up against, needs to be understood intuitively as well as logically.

We have much more control over our world than we think. The problem is when you become fearful, you can’t think clearly as you go into the wrong part of the brain to use your intuition. We then hit a point in psychology known as ambivalence. Often this state of ambivalence is caused by having to come to terms with a complex world of choice and the belief in right and wrong, good or bad decisions. It makes you hand over your power to someone else, maybe the person who manipulated you into becoming fearful in the first place!

Start looking with your intuition and you can’t be governed by fear based manipulation. You make your own choices and you stand strong for what you believe in. Intuition is the key to live with a lot less fear and better decisions.

Go Russell, it’s good that the Court Jester makes the court wake up to the King, right under his nose!