Robert Holden has not written of one those average books that gives you the steps to find happiness; he says his goal in writing the book Be Happy is to help you listen to yourself.
He scores that goal right where it matters, in the heart. His writing style is charming, humorous and disarming; his words have the capacity to unravel the knots of unhappiness you may have tied up in yourself without even realising. In the book Robert gives you exercises from his highly successful workshops on happiness he has conducted for many years. He insists you do the exercises that are cleverly woven into the book for the power of the work to unfold. I am one of those people who don’t do excises in books, even though I put them into the books I write. However for anyone who loves self-development, Robert’s exercises are seductive. By taking the time to complete them you unfold and have insights into yourself that make you change perspective.

As Robert says in one of my favourite quotes in the book:

Most people don’t need therapy; they need clarity.

I have had the honour of meeting Robert twice, he exudes happiness. He and his book make happiness contagious.  If you ever need a reminder of what life is really all about this book smacks it between the eyes, a must read for everyone.