Life often for most people feels like a staccato of compounding movements that involve thought and effort. Then sometimes without reason life flows like a river after heavy rain. This flowing motion of synchronicity at its best is often marked by the people you are connecting with. From out of nowhere we find our paths cross with people we knew a long time ago, who walk back into our lives at a point of flow that could only be assigned to a master script writer.
Such a thing happened to me on Saturday, when saying good bye to a client and having a brief conversation about drama school, in walked someone I went to Drama school with, who I haven’t seen since the funeral of a mutual friend. In addition to that mild link and coincidence, I had been thinking about that friend who died. He was only 23 when he passed and yet it was as if he knew he was going to go. He held strange conversations with me, which only made sense once he was gone. My friend confirmed other stories that I hadn’t heard, of other people he had done that with. In his higher consciousness, could he have known of his transition into death? Moving back into that drama school time period of my life, it turns out my very good friend and mother of my God son was circumnavigating around my life for 15 years before we met.  She knew and was best friends with people I was close to at the time. Where we meant to meet in all of that time?

I used to believe that there were people we had agreed to meet before we were born. Kind of soul mates with a contract to help eat other grow towards love in this life time. I used to seek out those people and basque in the specialness of those friendships. Almost addicted to that connection of knowing and energy alignment you feel when you meet them. It buzzes and prickles all over your skin. Only in time you learn that even those people can hurt you, but that pain sort of feels good. Like a pain that has meaning, you know it’s making you grow. Then you meet people who seem to do nothing but aggravate you, those people are often the more profound of the two ‘soul mate’ teachers. I say I used to believe this in a sense I still do, but rather than believe there are the ‘special ones’ and then other people, I now believe there is a capacity in every person to be that connection. We are all ‘one’ and in being so, it’s how you listen to people that makes them a ‘soul mate’.  Everyone can give you a deeper connection to love if you are listening with love.

Like it or hate it, facebook is a great way of seeing how interconnected we all are. Sometimes it makes me feel uncomfortable, as I feel I can’t have a past and present as here it all is mixed up in a collection of ages faces which match my own. Then at the same time I rejoice in being able to have that connection, just to check into an old loving connection and check back out again.

There are those times in life when we feel so warm in the coincidences and the connections we have. When we get just what we need or are able to give that to someone else.

Life does often feel like rock climbing, but sometimes the hand of a future friend comes down to help you find the next nook to hold onto, whilst the love of an old friend takes the weight of your foot to guide it on to the next ridge in the mountain. You might think you’re on your own, but even a conversation with a woman who missed her train, just to talk to you, and affirmed something to you that your mind had been pondering.

Do we meet people by accident, some I am sure we do, yet some are players to awaken our consciousness to a new story, in our lives. Creating beauty with each word, water brothers and sisters when life flows nicely.