Have you been having conversations about how awful things are? If so you’re not the only one! I don’t think this has been the average moaning, but deep-seated frustrations on different subjects.
It can be an enjoyable conversation, weirdly! It’s bonding and often it feels like, through these conversations, we have relief from pent up emotions. It’s as if our words release the toxins inside of us created by the situations.
The feelings we can’t express in our everyday life. Although I do find shouting at the radio helps, although it’s often just one word or two, and it’s a bit sweary.
It feels good to ‘come clean’ with the words we use, even if those are considered to be ‘dirty words’.
It has made me wonder though if it’s a good idea to be ‘affirming the awful’ in this way. Our words have great power, because they have energy to them, as do our thoughts.
Although when in a bad mood, if advised to have an ‘attitude of gratitude I’m likely to want to punch the person in the face, I know that my enjoyment of life is amplified by where I choose to pitch my attention.
So instead of having a verbal clear out, I’m going to clean up my mental environment.
  • More music, less radio.
  • More audiobooks, less social media.
  • More swimming, more dog walking, more time with friends who make me laugh and more finding the all-powerful beauty in everything.
Way more the affirming I’d like to be making!