Soon into my career in theatre, having spent a lot of time and money on the training, the bottom dropped out of the love of it.

I didn’t want to do it anymore. This feeling seemed to take the love of everything with it. I didn’t like ANYTHING. It was as if someone had taken the colour out of the world.

I talked to a friend who said ‘you much like SOMETHING!’

And I did, it was ice cream!

So in some kind of self-sabotage, screw the world rebellion I took a job at Haagen Dazs in Leicester Square.

Sitting outside one day, watching them set up the red carpet for a film premiere, smelling of milk and sugar, in a uniform that needed a warning for electric shock, I woke up.

I realised I worked in theatre as I liked making audiences happy. I loved working scooping 3oz of ice cream as it made people happy. As a stage manager, I couldn’t feel the happiness coming from the audience. So I went back to the theatre to build a connection with the audience. Due to meeting a new flatmate at Haagen Dazs, this turned into stand-up comedy.

You can’t fall off your path for the life of you!

Oh and Salted Caramel – in case you were wondering!

Have you ever woken up to the realisation that the path you thought you wanted is no longer the path you want? It can feel like free-falling! The bottom drops out of your purpose and there is NOTHING you have any passion for. This clip from Clubhouse speaks to that. If you want to dig deep into your purpose check out my online course ‘The one BIG calling – Know your mission and do it’.