Yes, mental health is a conversation we need to be having. However, I have to say that not every negative emotion or thought implies there is something wrong with you. In fact, I’d say the opposite. I’d say you are feeling, caring and above all AWAKE! The simple truth is we are designed for simpler lives. I’ve lived in big cities and enjoyed my sense of self-importance, running on adrenaline and cold coffee telling everyone ‘I’m busy’. to go home to a sense of emptiness and utter dread that I might, after all, be found out to ‘not be enough’. How the hell are we supposed to be enough when we live in a society that demands so much of us?

You are not f*ed up, you are having a normal reaction to a f*ed up situation.

I teach emotional resilience because the one thing that will drive you into oblivion is caring too much about others opinion of you. The truth is they are not looking at you. And when they do look, it’s in comparison to themselves. When you get a clear idea of who you are and your purpose in the world you are unstoppable. In addition when you get a clear idea of who you really are you will love yourself, and when you do you won’t want this crazy kind of lifestyle. You’ll choose a peaceful way of drawing to you everything you need because the desire is coming from a clean place.