Mankind is split into two. Those who act like locusts, consuming everything in their path. And those who act like Bees, pollinating a serving the planet.

For bees to prosper over the locusts, the bees need to have a hive mind.

Locusts can’t help it. They feel separate, they think ‘what about me’ instead of ‘what about us’. They have a sense of entitlement, and bees think they are wankers, full of ego.
If you want to save the planet you have to connect with a new kind of power. Inner power, inner wisdom, intuition.

Firstly you need to stop hiding behind your limiting beliefs. ‘Am I enough’, good enough, strong enough, smart enough. You’re not! None of us is! That’s why we need to work as one. Real change can be inspired by one person but it’s never done by one person alone. This is the hive mind.
To be in the hive you need to get over your shit. Otherwise, you won’t step into the greatness needed. You’ll fuck around and discredit the other bees.

Value yourself and you’ll value others. Then they value you too. This is personal power, inner power and from there you can use it to empower others. Join or create a hive for change.
This is authentic power. Something personal and passionate. Not delivered from status, position or approval. As we are an integral co-creator of our realities, we have to believe we have the power to turn our worlds around. To not give our power away to anyone else or to anything else. And defiantly not give our power away to fear. The more the open-hearted speak and act from their hearts the more we can grow a new world. Then the locust will have the change to survive. Change is happening. Be the bee flying at altitude or end up on the ass of self-pity and powerlessness.