Power – Is not a dirty word. But, I do have a dirty word for you. That word sounds like W-anchor, and if you need me to spell it out for you, I’d just sound out what I wrote but possibly not out load! We have a profound fear of becoming an egotistical W-anchor, when we think about stepping onto our power. You know the people I mean, the abusers of power, those who use it to control. We tend to not like those people, as their definition of ‘power’ is ‘I’m better than you’ power, that’s known as ‘power over’. If you are one of the wonderful people in this world who know they are here to ‘empower’ people, then you are a lover of ‘power too’. Which give power. However, most of the spiritual people I have ever met who want to empower others are missing a vital element. They DON’T own their power. 

So when they go to empower other people they use their own life force to do it. They get exhausted, burnt out and can end up feeling used. They will also attract people who love the attention of their victimhood, rather than the people who just need a hand up, they want pushing from the back side up. The reason people who want to empower often haven’t stepped into their own power is this fear of being an egotistical W-anchor. 

So let me spell out the difference. W-anchor power over ‘I’m brilliant and I’m better than you’. ‘Power too’ I’m brilliant and I use my brilliance to serve others.

I call this the ‘power of the hive’. 

This is power from an authentic place, all your life force, all you have lived through. You get to own it and you get to feel it. No more mediocrity and no-more playing small. 

It’s time to live in your power and stop the wankers running the show. 

I’m here to open your eyes to your authentic power and get you on your purposeful path. 

It starts here https://www.beckywalsh.com/reboot-your-power