I was watching Brene Brown talking to Russell Brand on YouTube. Well, I say watching, I’m normally eating and watching YouTube. 
I seem to have got into the habit of digesting my spiritual, neuroscience, and psychology insights along with my food. I don’t call it multitasking, it’s more multi’asking’. Asking for the answers to what troubles humanity whilst feeling so much better about it AFTER dinner. 

You see I do suffer from Hangery, you know that get in a bad mood because I haven’t had food. 

When something Brene said made me drop my fork. 

If you avoid the conflict to keep the peace you start a war inside yourself. These words come from Cheryl Richardson, whose work is all about self-love.

On the list of things I’ve wanted to change about myself, you know we all have ones of those. ‘I should be less…’ One of mine is ‘I should be less direct’. I know I scare people, and direct with a high level of intuition means I often speak out a little too loudly about the thing someone else has been hiding. I don’t get invited to dinner parties much! 

The other thing is my anger at injustice. Well, I actually have a lot of anger about a lot of things. I always thought my spiritual mecca would be anger free, and I obviously haven’t got there is I’m still angry. 


That line: If you avoid the conflict to keep the peace. You start a war inside yourself. Made me realise that a byproduct of being intuitive is that you make a lot of wars inside of yourself about the things you can see, but can’t say. 

Firstly, you KNOW it but can’t PROVE it. Secondly, when you do say with the best of intentions you freak people out and thirdly sometimes you just can’t be bothered, not my circus, not my monkeys!


Anger is a natural part of being human. Not speaking out when you need to does cause wars inside of yourself. Finding the communication form, the words and the energy behind those words is key. 


What is causing a war inside of you at the moment? What do you wish you could say?