Friendships are one of the things I love most about life.

I think they are often underrated in terms of the impact they can have on you as a person. We seem so fascinated by those romantic loves, we tend to think that our friendship lovers are there in times of need or someone to have fun with, to gossip with and share the stories of our life.

However, I think in my own life and in my experience of talking to clients, the impact of our friendships can be as strong as any family member.

It takes time to build those bonds with someone. Every moment of their time that they give you is often their taken away from work or other family members. They chose you, in a world where our time seems so limited and more valuable than ever.

Those long term friends remind us who we are when we think we might have lost ourselves. Unlike relationships that end, often abruptly, friendships slip. You might not even see it coming with the busyness of life. But before you know it, it’s been too long since you have been in touch. You wonder, who let go of who? The if they let go of you, did they mean too and would contacting them just be like a weird ‘get the hint’.

‘Connected’ on social media, means you might not notice when the real valuable connection is sliding out from underneath you.

On YouTube by highest commented on film is ‘Knowing when to let go of a friendship‘. 63,366 views 262 Comments!

Often the comments break my heart. Friendships have an impact.

Pick up the phone, check in on your friends. We can face any storm when we know we are loved.