The first thing I want to say is we need to calm down, and no I’m not following that with and carry on or and drink gin… a lot of gin! But all this freak out posting isn’t doing you, or other people more emotionally vulnerable any good. 
So here’s the thing, if 2016 has been about anything it’s been about letting go. We have had to let go of some of our greatest artists and thinkers and here we are again being invited to let go of our expectations.

If there was one thing that I could say causes more human suffering than anything else, it’s when the human mind has an expectation that doesn’t get met. Because then fear sets in, the realisation we have only a limited amount of perceived control. But rather than let go, it often means we grab hold harder. On a personal level, that’s when bitter disappointment sets your face to look like a trout in old age (if it doesn’t get you physically first) and that’s when socially disagreements break out and globally that’s wars.

Believe me, I lived in America, I’m hurting for all the people who see this vote as a front against them personally. As my European friends and family did with brexit. I’m also hurting because I’m a woman and his pussy grabbing comments made me furious. 
But the faster you can drop it, let go and find hope the more YOU will be what sets the world on the right track.

Change is happening. We talked about a shift of consciousness in 2012, well that was the start. We are in it now and the world is becoming unrecognisable. But if you keep choosing love and unity over fear you will be the teachers of a greater up rising. Because what was invisible to most people is becoming visible, and those who were talking about it for years were thought to have been drinking the crazy juice. But now with more transparency than ever before, we get to not just choose hope, but BE it.

Alan Moore — ‘People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.’

Let this be the last time fear gets the vote.