When you look back over your life, either you see the tough stuff as the things you learnt from which made you who you are today, or you feel a victim of circumstance. This one perception will change your whole life.

When I first started working with clients, I would worry about them and the situations they were in. I used my intuition to answer questions about people around them. Even though I know that people don’t stay the same, but I like them, wanted to help them avoid pain. The same pain that has given me so much juice. I wouldn’t have been without those experiences, because they taught me to be awesome. I wish, however, that some of the ground-hog day experiences hadn’t gone on for so long, or happened so many times in my own life. Looking back, you get a ‘face-palm’ moment after your realisation. That’s how I help people. I help people to realise that it’s what they are doing that is causing the world’s reaction to them. 

I can use my skills in intuition to hand out fish, or teach someone to fish. 

So here’s what I mean. All the problems have a theme. Like all symptoms have a disease. Cure the disease and all the symptoms are gone. 

Symptoms are the questions clients ask me. What I’m listening for is the reason, psychologically, these symptoms exist. For example, if your limiting belief is around trust, you’ll be asking me what the people at work think of you. Now, if I can tell you something, even plant a seed that will grow to change that limiting belief, it will change your whole life. But, if I deal with the symptoms, nothing changes. Great for me, as clients keep coming back to see me to feel better.

But I want my clients to be healthy. So you can give a person a fish and they eat it and stay hungry, or you can teach them to fish and they never get hungry again. 

If I tell you that you can trust a certain guy or girl, or not trust a certain guy or girl that’s giving you a fish. Also, people change, really change. So what’s true today will change for tomorrow, and if I say trust him, and then he meets the woman of his dreams in a sports car, his circumstances will change his trajectory. My clients don’t get to make me responsible for their happiness. 

Teaching you to trust yourself – I’m teaching you how to fish. 

Now, I know some people don’t feel ready to fish. But I have to show them that they have all of the skills inside themselves. I have other clients that just use me to confirm their own intuition. Those people I can fish with. I can also flip them a fish, see them fry it, add their own sauce and make an awesome dinner of insight. You have to know which clients you can go deep with and the ones who will batter the fish and blame you because they got fat! It’s an art form.

My intuition isn’t just about seeing your life, but about how to deliver information for the best possible outcome of understanding and personal growth.