The future seems uncertain and people are scared. The truth is the future has always has been uncertain, but it’s certainly not been heading in a direction that creates fairness for all. I voted to stay in the EU and I was shocked when we didn’t. It feels to me like a working class revolt. People are fed up with being controlled by fear, fed up with rules and regulations that seem to screw you over no matter what you do, taxes paid by the people who can least afford them and not by the rich, taking money that doesn’t serve our NHS and paying for bombs that make people flee to the countries bombing them. Let’s face it, things have been screwed up for a while; people are saying they have had enough, they just don’t know where to vent their frustration in a country more and more divided between the rich and the poor.

Having lived in other countries, I know this country is a wonderful place to live and most of the people living here have no idea of how great it really is. Unfortunately, the revolt was misplaced against the EU, with ridiculous statements about wanting to have our bendy bananas – we don’t even grow bananas!

We’ve just had the Queen’s birthday and in the media we were shown all these images of Britishness; on top of that we have the European football. Blend these two events together and you have a subliminal ‘Team UK’ consciousness rising. That, and it being Glastonbury weekend, is enough to give me conspiracy theory goose bumps! Even with this vote we don’t have to leave the EU, that’s to a government to implement. This could all turn out to over though any of Cameron’s adversaries, create a revolt in the Labour party, and make David Cameron a hero, whilst not even stepping a foot outside of the EU. 

But what if this is actually perfect, almost divine inspiration. What if this is the shake-up in consciousness to make people stand up and take action. I talked in my last blog about ambivalence. People are now suddenly googling ‘what is the EU?’ They were voting on the EU and that simple question wasn’t answered for them.

Perhaps now people will start to take their power back as the need for survival kicks in. Maybe now we will have a motivated nation where people think for themselves. The results of this might also give America a kick up the backside to make sure this doesn’t happen to them and Trump be their next president.

We have no answers, but all in all, if there ever was a time not to panic, it’s now, but rather than carrying on with a right carry on, it is time to change.