In a few days the UK decides if it would like to stay in Europe. It’s impossible to know what the future holds. When you worry about the future in your own life, you are really just creating drama for yourself. This referendum has been all about creating drama using the tool of fear.

When you have too much fear you hit a state of ambivalence. Can’t be bothered to vote, there’s a sense of hopelessness – what’s the point? There is only so much fear your mind can take so it shuts down into not giving a toss.

One person who is now a shining example of a woman who put her opinions into action is Jo Cox.

Her loss is great for everyone who knew her, but she has stepped into legendary status, as someone who would stand for what she believes in. Her death is tragic, but I believe it will change the face of England. Let’s face it, we are a bunch of whingers who do sod all about what we moan about a lot of the time, governed by a government which controls by fear.

Jo’s death is a wake-up call into action, far beyond the decisions we are making about Europe. It’s time we all woke up and stood up for human rights and the shifts we need to make to protect this planet.