On Friday I was giving the traffic report on BBC Radio Bristol you can have a listen here.
It got me thinking as we get into winter here in the UK, wet leaves on the road and the like, I’d give you some tips of using your intuition on the road. I was given a good bit of advice when I was learning to ride a motorbike – assume everyone is stupid and they can’t see you! But even though a tin box of a car, your intuition can be heightened on the road.

The gut:

Never ignore a bad feeling in your belly. Put it down to your imagination at your peril. Better to arrive late with no real explanation than not make it. Take a diversion; trust your inner sat nav!

Flashes in your mind of accidents when the road is looking dangerous, is likely to be your fear-based imagination. But obviously go careful, it’s worth slowing down anyway!

The heart:

Excited feelings about new directions are worth a follow. For example, as you’re driving past a road and you get a pull from your chest to turn. I’ve found many a short cut that way.

On the road (as with the journey of life!), look for signposts in the form of coincidences and synchronicity. Become curious about what you see. Curiosity is the key to intuition. It opens the information and makes it clearer.

If you do get a bad feeling, become curious as you’ll open your intuition and know if it’s a real warning or just your fear talking!