Do you hear people talking about being the authentic you, and then you think, I would… if I knew who the real me is! 
The truth is we are not one part we are made of lots of parts. Some of our reactions to situations come from the learning in childhood. We don’t really know who we are as we are constantly evolving and changing with circumstances.

The key to unleashing the real you is embracing all of the aspects of who you are.

I love self-development; I wouldn’t be a self-help author and speaker if not. But whilst you are doing the inner work about self-refection, you also have to include an outer acceptance of yourself and the world you’re living in. Without being powerless about changing what doesn’t work!

Outer acceptance is about having compassion for yourself and your reactions. Often you are having a normal reaction to a ‘F*-up’ situation, rather than being ‘F*-up’ yourself!

It’s about finding your voice to express your wants and needs without fear of abandonment or ridicule.  Knowing you are of value and that the real you has a place in this world to be a creative force.

Unleashing the real you isn’t about becoming spiritually selfish, and I see this happen sometimes. People when they first step into the idea that they deserve to have their needs met; inflict those needs upon others irresponsibly. Often feeling that ‘I’m just saying my truth’ which you know will hurt someone else is only half a truth.

The whole truth, if you knew it would hurt them but were only willing to act from your own end of the truth, that’s a half-truth.

The more you can be compassionate towards yourself the more you can be authentic. Because you start to become fearless if you know that you won’t be punished by your inner voice for making a mistake. You know your future won’t be one of regret, so you take bigger steps and make bolder statements.

Personal compassion is the key to showing up at the authentic you.