I love understanding how we tick, so the moment Sharon King invited me on her EFT Matrix Birth Reimprinting three day workshop I was in. It was full of really interesting facts!

Did you know –

  • The egg that was fertilised to bring you into the world, was formed in your granny! Your Mum was born with all of her eggs for fertility already inside her!
  • Oxytocin the love hormone we create when we have a baby, when making love, in a nice hot bath, when giving birth also needs to be present to be able to have a poo! So if your not fully comfortable, you won’t GO! (Ok forgive me for that one!)
  • Natural birth babies placed on the mothers belly right after birth, will make its first crawl up towards the breast and start to suckle unaided.

But the big jaw drop for me was about incubators. When I was born I was shipped off to one of those for an hour or so. That first hour when the baby is born is when the baby’s brain develops it’s capacity for bonding. It seems that my passion for lighting (I was a theatrical lighting designer) is because I bonded with the florescent light above my head. That sounds funny, but I’m sadly not joking! ‘You’re too independent, why won’t you let me help you’ is an echo that has followed me around through-out my… past relationships!   

Through Sharon’s work I was able to go back to the point of my birth, (even though I thought I couldn’t remember it) and create a new birth. One where I could have time and bond with my Mum. If the subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between reality in the here and now and a strong visualisation we can rewrite our history and reprogram the wiring of the brain.

I am now qualified to do this work with my clients. It’s powerful stuff.

See more about Sharon King’s work here Her book will be out soon and I’ll make sure I review it for you.