Do you believe fear is holding you back from writing your book?

Well guess what, it’s not! Fear isn’t holding you back, the perception that fear is a bad thing is what is really holding you back.

Ok, I get it, fear sucks; it makes you feel weird and your tummy goes tight. We associate fear with some really bad things, the ‘I got home ok’ call that doesn’t come, finding a foreboding lump, losing your job when you have kids to feed. We fear things that often haven’t and might never happen. When it comes to living your dreams we fear success, failure and looking stupid.

Fear is normal; it tells us that what we are doing matters. You will never be clear of fear for any great undertaking you ever do; the trick is to do it anyway. The emotional rewards and personal transformation would not be possible without the existence of the fear in the first place. Use fear as a motivational tool for your writing, it proves you’re human… Congratulations! It matters! 

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I talked to author Mike Dooley about the subject of fear, and he’s what he had to say about writing. Very inspirational!