So what is a perception block? You might call it a ‘glass is half empty’ view point, rather than seeing the glass as being half full.

The difference is that the belief the glass is half empty means that any of the water you drink from that glass still leaves you feeling thirsty. When if you believe the glass is half full, you drink the water you are totally satisfied.

So lovely metaphor but what am I talking about in real life terms?

It’s those days, as it’s often not always all the time, when nothing sits right for you. You know you need to have an attitude of gratitude and celebrate the small stuff, but even the idea of that bums you out as yet another freaking thing you are failing in. You want to try harder as you know that a success, any success, glimmer of light, will stamp out this mood. But the mood your in everything you touch turns to shit. Then you blame yourself for manifesting it!

Ye Gods, I wish I could go back to bed!

You know that your life is really fine, it might not be brilliantly what you want, but it’s fine. You can eat and you have a roof over your head which is more than SO many people and then you feel like an asshole for being ungrateful.

Just STOP!

You have every right to be a sulk bag! Just go with it. It might be self indulgent and maybe there is nothing wrong with that! But put a time frame on coming out of it, but take a while to get into an enquiry with what it is that is really bothering you.

Because underneath all that stuff, something else is going on.

It might be about your sense of value of yourself. When you don’t value yourself often you rip your external life open looking for where its broken. Why you don’t feel like your rocking it, why the sense of success does’t last. A sense of lack of self value is one of the possible causes. The trick is don’t look for causes as that adds to the emotional feelings. Sit with the feeling and if you can get into a conversation with it. No amount of fixing external world will give you the on going feeling of happiness.

If you can’t get into a conversation with it, or you are unsure of how to deal with the answers, than come and see me! Together we will make your perception look like your glass is overflowing, because in reality… it likely is!