There are times when the feeling of ‘it’s never enough’ is inspiring. The drive can come from this amazing world we live in and our desire to experience more of it.

We might have a perceived midlife crisis once every six months when we fear getting old with our music still inside us. So our desire to sing from the highest hill tops or sky scrapers makes us want to travel and experience more. Live more! Life is beautiful and we must seize the day, the bull by the horns and live everyday as if it’s our last!

Then there is another drive for ‘it’s never enough’ and that comes from the feeling of ‘I’m not enough’. You feel like whatever you do it’s never enough, no matter how far you travel or how much success you have, there is still an empty well over you heart that will never get full. So we cram anything we can over that heart space, trying to fill an empty hole with enough experiences in order to feel whole. The truth is the whole over the heart is meant to be there. It is a lightshade for your heart to shine the brightest. When we feel we are not good enough we try and fill the heart with ‘stuff’ in order to feel full. When we allow our heart to shine we realise we are already full and already have everything we need for ourselves to show up and shine in the world.   

The desire to be enough is the distraction from the realisation that you are enough. The ego says ‘seek, but do not find’ so it sends you on a wild goose-chase for what you are ready are.

Our job in this lifetime, is just to remove the blocks we put over our eyes to avoid us seeing our greatness. You will never get old and regret having done that, and lived life to the full.