I’ve been curious about the way we use the word life. ‘Get a life’, ‘get out of my life’ ‘I want you in my life’ ‘let’s share our lives together’.
I’ve been wondering what having a life really is. I know about being alive and there is a perception of life being linear. Personally I find life goes in cycles. Yet I understand the born, young, mid-life, old dead bit, well that’s for the lucky ones.

The cast of your life is what interests me, the idea that you can choose who is in the line- up. Who you do and who you don’t talk to, when you start and end relationships. The people you love being around, who make you like yourself when you’re in their company and those who make you feel horrible. When people of your past come back and when people leave. Of course we don’t know when someone might die and be lost to us and our lives change for ever.

We all want to be ‘special’ in the eyes of someone else, yet we want to choose who that person is. We are careful about talking to strangers to not start some attention we don’t want. Our connections are often an exchange where we weigh-up what we give in exchange to what we get.

Is it really possible to control other people’s interactions with us?

I’ve come to a conclusion, that the effort of controlling how we are received and how we receive others is what leads to a broken heart. When we let go of the idea that our lives are a container and people can come in over the sides, stay or be evicted we can be happier. Life, love and our interactions have a flow to them. We sometimes meet the same people with different faces. The thought that we can control who we have in our lives would indicate that our lives are separate from the life force energy and interaction of life itself. We really are at one with each other, as an intuitive I perhaps feel this more than most.

No one is ever lost to our hearts, so holding on though insecurity or blocking though vulnerability who we want in and out of our lives is only a perception of connections only existing on a physical level.  Long after the last time we feel we will ever see someone again, a connection can be healed even if we never see them again.

The people we travel with give the journey of our life meaning, but a person can never be your destination. Life being a container with people inside is a dolls house.