YOU DO KNOW.inddWhen trying to sell a book you have to be inventive. A film that goes viral on the internet could create a bestselling book. The idea for this film came from wanting some theme music for the book. That might sound weird that the book should have a theme tune, but one of the ideas in the book is that everyone has their own theme tune, so why not a book! So I turned to Paul Hutchinson from SLAVZIIHOUSE to mix some music for me around the idea of ‘I know’. As a child I used to create pop videos in my head when listening to music. It was something I used to do to help me sleep. As soon as I heard the track Paul mixed I had a pop video in my head. First it was a set of scenes that I was going to film. The problem with the scenes I had in my head as I needed actors a crew and a place to film. I knew I didn’t have the time or the money for this. So I decided the next best thing was animation. A friend of mine Alex volunteered his artist boyfriend Kike Areitioaurtena to create some simple images. Once these were created I realised even this idea wasn’t going to work as we would need so many images to make the five scenes. These images then went on to be used in another film. So I decided to use old black and white movies as was done in the film ‘Knowing Humans’. At this point I taught myself to edit. Sending the small film parts I had chosen, text and the song over to Marlo McKenzie for her to put it all together. The text is an argument as to why you should buy the book. It also has a play on ideas already out there about using intuition. Some of these are subtle, such as using the iconic ‘Star wars, use the force Luke’ wording role at the end of the film.
This film was then first shown at the book launch at the tabernacle theatre in 2013.