Goodbye Madam Ruth was my introduction to film making.

Caroline Mylon was one of my students. She said she would like to make a pilot to attract TV companies to make a documentary. Between us we set up a production company made the pilot and took it to TV companies such as channel 4. We kept missing the remits the stations were looking for, for example not being a documentary about minority groups.

The music was gifted to the film my Tony Mortimer from the band East 17 who has a love of this subject matter.

The word psychic is associated with when the client gets ‘told’ information such as a future prediction.

My main reasons for dropping the word psychic is to distance myself from some of the harmful ways practitioners of ‘psychic readings’ can hurt clients. For example, the brain becomes filled with ‘happy’ endorphins when you are told something good is going to happen, (more endorphins than when the good thing actually happens), which can cause addiction.

There are many people who come under the name psychic who peddle in fear, they tell the client bad things will happen, (you have been cursed etc) to extract more money. Psychic doesn’t mean spiritual and in my time calling myself a psychic, I met more ego’s then when I worked in theatre!

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