So here’s the thing. You are amazing and all of that stuff. If you’re like me, before the age of 27, I didn’t believe it. I now understand why as women we are biologically programmed to make the best of ourselves for the procreation of the species. Mother nature knows that if your ‘hot’ you’re going to ‘pull’ and if you ‘pull’ you might bring more of these human being’s into the world. When that’s all in balance, it gives us a wiggle in the hips and we can be flirty. Same thing that makes a peacock show its plumage makes me show my cleavage!
Now this is where it all gets screwed up. Your natural insecurities that make you look your best get manipulated by people who can make money out of it. Let’s just take beauty magazines. The companies, who advertise in those, sell you products to add to your plumage. Nice shoes, hand bags, creams, make up, everything through to boob jobs. In order for the magazines to get the advertising they poke your insecurities in the articles to make you buy the products, which makes the companies advertise in the magazines. It’s not only magazines it’s all sorts of media.

This leads to crazy diets, over spending, feeling horrible about yourself and untimely miserable and not good enough. You are amazing and you’re being manipulated for your money.

It doesn’t stop with the media or cooperation’s changing their ways, it stops with you. You have control, when you love yourself, you won’t buy this stuff because you will know you don’t need it. When you don’t buy it, they will stop poking your pain and telling you, you’re not good enough. What changed in my life was when I started using my intuition to navigate the world and not my head. It made all the difference to me, as the BS marketing manipulation became apparent. Sadly it didn’t save many of my friends who became anorexic, self-harming, and self-hating. Please don’t let that be you. All women at this time are born at a moment of revolution for change. Be part of the shift your mothers could only dream of.