Simon Pegg, Nick Frost at home on Ivy RoadReally looking forward to ‘The World’s End’, the new film birthed from the creative ‘bromance’ of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. (Photo From the top – Flat visitor Craig, Nick, Simon and Cheryl, photo below, the top floor flat on Ivy Road ) 
Many years ago now (20 ish!), I was part of a flat share that Nick and then Simon moved into on Ivy Road in Cricklewood. At the time, Simon Pegg was pregnant with the now hit TV show ‘Spaced’. As a writer myself I know you can’t help but use your living circumstances in your work; for example Nick was working at Chiquitos as a waiter, which was joke-named Neo-Nacos at home and then later in the TV series ‘Spaced’.

It’s inspiring to remember the conversations Simon and Nick had at the time, which I just thought were pie in the sci-fi sky. It’s not that I thought they wouldn’t do well, but Simon dreamt big and much bigger than I ever thought was possible. Every time a bus goes by with their faces on, I feel a rush of excitement that we are creators of our own lives based on our beliefs and creative talents. If you don’t believe that to be true, my second example would be Martin Freeman. I studied in the same year as him at drama school, and observed that he was one of the more focused actors; whilst many others were getting involved with romance dramas, Martin was set on using the time to learn. Of course it’s about the breaks, but it’s about really loving what you do too.

We didn’t do much pub crawling as they do in the new film. Mostly we sat in the flat insisting that every guest who confessed to not seeing ‘The Day Today’ had to watch at least two episodes before they were allowed out of the flat. I also remember things like coming up with words like ‘Claymation’ only to find out from watching ‘Wallace and Gromit’ that it is a real word; and the framed picture on top of the TV I gave Nick of actor Harvey Cartell crying, which he seemed to in every film he watched. I’m looking forward to the film as I’m going to enjoy the flash back scenes; not just the ones in the film, but also my own. I’ll report back after viewing…