Do you pride yourself on being independent? Able to solve your own problems, you don’t need anyone? Often this starts in childhood, the moment you realise you are not going to get your needs met. Sometimes the need is a toy and your mum said no; and sometimes the need is something much bigger, such as a safe environment to play in. How safe you felt in childhood will have a direct impact on how able you are to trust other people as an adult.
You could choose to go into therapy and build a trusting relationship with a therapist, but to me the fastest route is to use your intuition. In my book ‘You Do Know’ I talk about how you don’t need to trust anyone else, just your intuition to make good decisions about who you trust.

When you use your intuition you can really understand other people and whether their motives come from love or ego (Fear).

It doesn’t stop us making mistakes with others in what we say or do, but we can intuitively understand their motivation.

Yet it gets better than this, much better.  When your friend/lover/partner is able to read you back, there can be a fundamental force between the two of you. There is a level of trust that knits the two of you together in an understanding that defies words. Of course no-one is perfect and your partners are still your greatest teachers. You can think someone is being a real pain in the butt but love them anyway. In life it’s hard to let go, as we believe other people will judge us, so we are always on guard. When we open our hearts with intuition we are finally free to love.

We are able to intuitively hear each other. It’s not a just case of being able to finish each other’s sentences; it feels like flying.