Are you feeling the need to get clear? I have and it isn’t always pretty.
What’s been arising is the need for authenticity, honesty and facing my bullshit, first and foremost, in everything I do.  I can’t seem to get away with any of the simple, life-softening luxuries I could get away with before, such as the glass of wine at the end of a not-so-hard day, or telling someone they have a cute cat, when I’m a dog person and just can’t get cats. I know these examples sound silly, but I’m hardly going to blog about the big kick in the bum stuff. But, trust me, there have been plenty of those instances too.

It feels to me that this year is all about being authentic. It might not make you popular, but it’s about being in your truth. Speaking it, acting upon it and not fudging around what you really want. My feeling is, if you don’t step into your authentic power and hold that space, no matter how uncomfortable it may feel, you’re going to get lost. I mean really lost. I’m not fear-spreading or making a prediction, I just know that I am being called to really get on with it – whatever it is. All the ‘I’ll do yoga when I have more time’ or ‘I’ll learn to cook one of these days and improve my diet’ excuses won’t wash anymore. It’s like there’s a large booming inner voice saying ‘Do it now!’

From the moment I make the decision to change, the means and opportunity come into place. In terms of manifestation, the things you can never manifest are the ones you were telling yourself a story about. Especially the ‘I’ll be happy when…’ story: I’ll be happy when I move house, have more money, find this job, or meet a partner. It’s time to stop waiting for this time to arrive, for the life-changing stuff to happen before we get on with the little things. Start changing the small stuff, such as not watching so much TV and getting clear about who you want to be – and watch as this shapes your life into how you want it to be.

There are so many ways we sedate our unhappiness with our thinking, saying to ourselves this is just the way life is, everyone has problems, nothing can change in this economy, when I have more money I’ll be able to do this or that…

But now another voice has popped up in my head and it won’t go away. It’s like walking round with a bullshit-o-meter, telling me every time I’m covering up the truth with crap, to make me, or someone else, feel better momentarily. There’s no need to do this anymore, in this era of authenticity. I’m not going to ignore my bullshit-o-meter, because, as a guide, it’s going to keep me true in these transformational times.