Phone tapping scandals, the banks manipulating numbers, politicians … well nothing too much of a surprise there! It seems like our society is unravelling, and I say YES!
Finally some truth is coming out! Being intuitive means you can hear when something is ‘off’. You might not be able to quite put your finger on what, but something seems out of tune. Like being a conductor in a large orchestra with one instrument out of tune. At first hearing, your mind can’t quite place it, but after a while it over shadows all of the other beautifully tuned instruments.

I don’t know if it’s being highly intuitive that makes me detest lies so much. Before, when I believed other people over my own inner knowing, it would make me feel like I was going mad, especially when it came to relationships. A boyfriend might say one thing and I would feel a discord running through my body, liars make you feel like a paranoid insecure head case at the time, only to find out later that you were right all along. I often hear people say lies to get out of things. I have had friends advise me ‘why don’t you just tell them that you’re ill or that something’s come up with your family’. This kind of advice always makes me feel uncomfortable. It manipulates the care and feelings of others. If I am not sure I can make an appointment, I use the word ‘intention’ – I intend to be there. If I say I will be there, then I will, unless something really big happens I keep my word.

Lies are manipulation, one of our greatest gifts is that of free will, and when your free will is taken away you lose one of the basic and fundamental rights and privileges of being human. What is being revealed by the manipulation from the banks, phonetapping or even every person who isn’t looking for work but claiming benefits is taking something from you, and it’s not just your money. When society is corrupt you lose some of your free will and in essence become a slave working for a system that works against you. Your free will is the most important thing that you have, and you should never let anyone take that away from you.

But why do people lie?

The most common reason is the basic human need to get what you want.

There are also other reasons which seem nicer, such as insecurity or to not hurt the feelings of others, but mostly we lie to get what we want. This desire stems from the ego, the ego’s job is to protect the physical body, and it’s there to make sure you survive; therefore it comes from an ‘I’ prospective. So the ego has an important job. However it makes us lie to get our wants and needs met. Learning not to lie is a large step on the road to enlightenment.

Yet the flip side of this is that when someone lies to you, you have to think about why they felt they couldn’t tell you the truth. If we are not emotionally stable, if we don’t listen without judgement, if we are not open to someone else’s view of reality, we could see ourselves as being 50% responsible.

When we can read someone intuitively we are able to know they are lying. We might not know all the facts and intuition is knowing without words, but we might be able to enter into an inquiry, before inquiry becomes accusation.